There Is Joy Over One!

Just a few months ago, I had the amazing privilege of hearing my son Justice share with me his salvation experience – what a joy! On March 21st, my husband Joe got to share this same joy as he led our daughter Rayah in her own acceptance of Jesus as her Savior! If you don’t follow his blog, I wanted to give you the opportunity to read the story – Part 1 and Part 2. As we did with Justice, {Read More}

The Essential Jesus – Psalm 14

You can read about the origins of this blog series on The Essential Jesus here and catch up on previous posts here. Psalm 14 There are those who say in their hearts, “There is no God.” They are foolish and their minds have been corrupted with my enemy’s lies. To live with this belief is to live without restraint, doing whatever pleases you, completely disregarding what is right and good. For without me, there is not one person in all {Read More}

Salvation Springs Up

On a Friday morning, December 7th, my kids were eating their snack and I was unassuming, working on my computer when Justice interrupted me in the midst of chewing on his apple slice to casually inform me that while he was sleeping he asked Jesus to come into his heart! I immediately stopped what I was doing and gave him my full attention. This was something we have obviously been praying for, for all of our children, but I have {Read More}

Book Review: Dreams and Visions by Tom Doyle

Jesus appears to be revealing Himself to Muslims through powerful dreams and visions throughout the Islamic world today, and the results are dramatic. Eleven years ago, Pastor Tom Doyle felt God calling him to leave the pastorate and become a full-time missionary in the Middle East and Central Asia. Through his extensive work in the region, which includes over 80 trips to places like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, and Turkey, Tom has met and recorded the stories {Read More}

Jesus: The Lord Saves

“Grace and peace to you from…Jesus Christ…” Revelation 1:4, 5  The Lord Saves So, for my first post in my series on “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”, I want to share some thoughts on the Son of God’s given name – Jesus.  As it says in Matthew 1:21, “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”  In the footnote for this verse, it {Read More}

His Works Are Wonderful

A meditation on Song of Songs 5:14a His arms are rods of gold set with chrysolitea. His hands are skillful in doing everything well and with excellence. The works of his hands are blessed and are all done with perfect wisdomb. He is omnipotent – infinite in power and unlimited in ability and authorityc. He accomplishes every desire and purpose of his heartd. His arm is not too short to savee – on the contrary, it is outstretched on behalf {Read More}