Women Who Proclaim

If you haven’t visited this site recently, you should really come by just to see the beautiful new header that my friend Bethany Vanderputten of www.bethanyillustrates.com painted for me!  Here’s a close-up view of her creation and you can view the full painting by coming to www.echoinghim.com. As we were emailing back and forth, discussing the painting, Bethany sent me a word of encouragement for writing on this blog, sharing with me the scripture Psalm 68:11 which says, The Lord {Read More}

Fasting for those who can't fast – Part 2

For Part 1 on this topic – click here! So as a follow-up to my first post on this topic, since I’m currently pregnant, this has presented a challenge for how I can still participate in the gift of fasting. I’ve been thinking about a few different options and got some ideas from others, and I also had the opportunity to ask my doctor a couple questions. So here are some suggestions on things you might want to consider trying {Read More}

Urges, Cravings & Impulses

What is a fasted lifestyle? Living a fasted lifestyle is about much more than just fasting food, it’s also about living a surrendered life in the areas of food, our finances and our time.  Fasting is voluntary weakness – choosing weakness on our own accord for the sake of love.  This can include fasting food, or it could mean living a simpler life financially so that you are able to give more money away or so that you are able to work {Read More}

He Deserves Better

The other day, I had been reading about how Jesus was our scapegoat and how He carried the weight of our sin for us. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but then later that night I rented a movie… Now, I’m pretty sure that Holy Spirit prompted me to walk away and I think I knew that I shouldn’t have watched it – but I ignored His small voice and watched it anyway, naively hoping it {Read More}