Long Overdue Update

Well, I haven’t blogged at all for nearly 2 1/2 months, so I figured it was time for a long overdue update, for anyone out there who still reads my blog – lol. You may have heard some of these details from Facebook, Instagram, or our monthly family/ministry newsletters, but here you go anyway! Since a lot has been going on lately, I figured I would give this update to you in list form with a few pictures here and {Read More}

Salvation Springs Up

On a Friday morning, December 7th, my kids were eating their snack and I was unassuming, working on my computer when Justice interrupted me in the midst of chewing on his apple slice to casually inform me that while he was sleeping he asked Jesus to come into his heart! I immediately stopped what I was doing and gave him my full attention. This was something we have obviously been praying for, for all of our children, but I have {Read More}

Family Photo Shoot

A couple months ago we had new family photos taken by our friend Kristen Nicole and I LOVE how they turned out! She did a great job and it is my pleasure to share a few of my favorites with you.

Happy 4th Birthday Justice!

On March 4th it was Justice’s 4th Birthday! Joe and I both wanted to do something special for our little boy who is growing so big… For several months I had been collecting ideas on Pinterest for a drummer/rock ‘n roll themed birthday party for Justice, as he is an avid drummer and can almost always be found drumming on something with any number of objects. He drums with his actual drum sticks on his drum kit, but it extends {Read More}

Happy 1 Month Eden

On Monday, Eden turned one month old! It feels like just yesterday that he was born and this month has flown by. He’s had a few typical firsts – first car ride, first stroller ride, first injury (from mommy – oh dear!), first bath, first poop explosion, first massive projectile puke across his entire crib – you know, usual baby stuff. We also had several visitors who came bearing meals and gifts, which was fantastic! Adapting to life as a {Read More}

Maternity Photo Shoot

Thank you so much to my lovely friend Steph who took these maternity photos for us and to my parents for hosting it in their beautiful home. **Note: In case you were wondering, yes – I did airbrush my stomach – it is no where near that perfect in real life! **

A Toothy Accident – Part 2

For those of you who don’t already know, my daughter Rayah had an accident back in April where she fell down a couple steps off our deck and knocked three of her bottom teeth forwards. It was gruesome and a little traumatic and we feared the worst, that she would lose all three teeth, but God performed a miracle and the teeth were saved! Many times over the last few months, my husband and I have made remarks about how beautiful {Read More}

365 Project – September & October

Again, since I sort of fell of the wagon with my picture-taking, here is my update for both the months of September and October. Admittedly, there are several pictures in this bunch not actually taken by myself (mostly by my mom), but I included them anyway, because this 365 Photography Project has been more about capturing daily memories for me than about honing my own photography skills – which should be obvious, considering the majority of them were taken with {Read More}

365 Project – July & August

As I mentioned in my last post on my 365 Photography Project, I fell off the wagon in the month of July, which turned into the months of August, September, October and you guessed it – November. I’ve still been taking pictures, but definitely not every day. However, I decided to still give you an update on the pictures that I did end up taking and here are the ones from July and August. It was a great summer playing {Read More}

My Prince Charming

After doing a photo shoot for my daughter’s second birthday, I just couldn’t resist doing one with my son as well. Since he’ll be turning four in March, the weather at that time isn’t exactly the nicest for taking pictures outside, so even though we got our first snow, I managed to sneak in a photo shoot on what may have been the last really nice day of the year. I took 110 pictures, which I narrowed down to my {Read More}