Naming Baby #3

I am just over 28 weeks in my pregnancy with our third child and at my 20 week ultrasound, I greatly anticipated the possibility of finding out our baby’s gender, as we had with our first two children. However, I was sent to a different hospital this time where they have a different policy about this and they would not tell me the gender at the appointment, though they would put it in the report that they sent to my {Read More}

Love, Joy, Peace

In the last couple months, the Lord has been putting His finger on several areas in my heart related to parenting. Joe and I often remark on how much easier it was to transition from being single to being married than it was to transition from being married to being parents – it’s a tough gig! More than ever, you become acutely aware of the darkness of your heart and your desperate need for the Holy Spirit. I wish I {Read More}


Today was a day of mixed emotions, ups and downs, yet in the midst of the ordinary, it felt like a day to remember and treasure.  It felt like a day that should be recorded, with all the mundane details, that when joined together, form something that is, to me, uniquely beautiful. It is 4:54 am and once again my bladder has rudely awoken me from my slumber, demanding to be relieved.  As I awkwardly roll out of bed to go to the {Read More}