Are You Hungry?

I’ve been thinking a lot about spiritual hunger lately. Hunger for more of the Lord has always been a staple for me in my walk with God, though there have been seasons where it has felt stronger or weaker. I’ve come to believe that spiritual hunger is a gift from God, but I also believe that it is something that needs to be nurtured and cultivated and kept alive by continually saying “yes” to it. However, you could probably argue {Read More}

Fasting for those who can't fast – Part 2

For Part 1 on this topic – click here! So as a follow-up to my first post on this topic, since I’m currently pregnant, this has presented a challenge for how I can still participate in the gift of fasting. I’ve been thinking about a few different options and got some ideas from others, and I also had the opportunity to ask my doctor a couple questions. So here are some suggestions on things you might want to consider trying {Read More}

Making Ready a People Prepared

Lately I’ve been reading and meditating on Isaiah chapters 61 to 63 which contains several scriptures pertaining to the coming of the Messiah, both His first coming and His second.  The verse which stuck out to me recently though was Isaiah 62:10 which says, “Pass through, pass through the gates!  Prepare the way for the people.  Build up, build up the highway!  Remove the stones.  Raise a banner for the nations.” Prepare the way for the Lord I believe this {Read More}

Tips for Fasting

Fasting is often difficult (thank God for the times when its easy!) and the enemy will do just about anything to keep you from it.  Now you may not struggle with the same hurdles that I’ve encountered, but if you’re anything like me, than hopefully you’ll find some of these tips helpful.  Here are a couple things I discovered recently in my attempts at fasting: 1. Set clear guidelines Almost every time I do a fast, if I don’t set very clear {Read More}

Urges, Cravings & Impulses

What is a fasted lifestyle? Living a fasted lifestyle is about much more than just fasting food, it’s also about living a surrendered life in the areas of food, our finances and our time.  Fasting is voluntary weakness – choosing weakness on our own accord for the sake of love.  This can include fasting food, or it could mean living a simpler life financially so that you are able to give more money away or so that you are able to work {Read More}

Fasting for those who can't fast!

Unable to Fast? As much as I sometimes hate fasting and find it very difficult to do, I also think it’s one of our most precious gifts from the Lord for tenderizing our hearts and helping us to draw near to Him.  So when I became pregnant and fasting became a big “no, no” for the baby’s health & safety, I felt like I was missing out!  Part of me was rejoicing that I had an excuse not to fast while the {Read More}