Long Overdue Update

Well, I haven’t blogged at all for nearly 2 1/2 months, so I figured it was time for a long overdue update, for anyone out there who still reads my blog – lol. You may have heard some of these details from Facebook, Instagram, or our monthly family/ministry newsletters, but here you go anyway! Since a lot has been going on lately, I figured I would give this update to you in list form with a few pictures here and {Read More}

One Year Pics of Eden

Hello Friends! Oh-my-word have I had zero time for blogging ever since I started back at work! It makes me so sad, as I have a list of about a dozen things I want to blog about, but so little time to do so. Working part-time from home with 3 kiddos is quite the undertaking, plus with the incredible amount of transition going on with Joe starting his new job at Sanctuary House of Prayer, it feels like there are {Read More}

Happy 1st Birthday Eden!!

Happy 1st Birthday Eden!! I know this post is EXTREMELY late, as Eden turned 1 year old on February 12th, but better late than never! I started back at work this month, so life has been a little busier, to say the least, and blogging has sort of fallen to the bottom of the list these days. However, we had a lot of fun celebrating our little guy and he is such a delight (as is the meaning of his {Read More}

Happy 11 Months Eden

Happy 11 Months Eden! Not too much to report this month. No more teeth yet, though his top gums are bulging and ready to pop any day now. Even with just two teeth, he eats a lot of the same things we do and continues to be very demanding and loud at meal time. A big event was his first Christmas, opening his first gifts and having fun playing with all of them with his cousins and siblings. Another first {Read More}

Happy 10 Months Eden!

Eden refused to give me one single smile in his guitar case photo shoot this month. He’s definitely outgrowing this little growth measurement chart & is getting tired of it – just two more months, Buddy! No more teeth this month, but that sure hasn’t stopped him from eating a lot more variety of solid foods. I’ve started letting him eat things like bread, pancakes, french fries, Kraft Dinner (we officially have another KD-lover in the family), and many of {Read More}

Happy 9 Months Eden!

Man, this kid is CUTE!! His smiles melt my heart like nothing else! Anywho, here we are at 9 months!! It’s been quite an adventuresome month, so let’s get started… WE HAVE TEETH!!! Woohoo!!! His two bottom teeth both finally emerged just shortly after he turned 8 months old – very exciting! 😉 He mastered the conventional crawl this month and has been cruising around like he owns the place. Along with learning how to pull himself to standing last {Read More}

Happy 8 Months Eden!

Didn’t I just write a post about Eden turning 7 months??? Well, here’s the quick run down… No teeth. Not one. Nope. Nada. Nothing. Okay – there are some swollen bumps in his gums, but that’s it. 😛 He figured out how to pull himself to standing and now he’s a standing maniac! In the crib, at the couch, on my leg, by the bath tub, in the drawers – everywhere. Fun times! And he looks so entirely proud of {Read More}

Happy 7 Months Eden

Eden turned 7 months old last week and it’s been a busy month! Sadly, there is still no news on the teeth front – he is still all gums, with no sign of any teeth emerging any time soon. Thankfully though, it seems like his teething pain hasn’t been as bad lately. Solid foods are going great and Eden is now enjoying 3 solid meals a day, eating at the same time as the rest of the family, which is {Read More}

Happy 6 Months Eden!

Eden is half a year old! It doesn’t feel like much has changed since last month, but there are still some small progressions. There’s nothing to report on the teething front, much to my dismay. Justice and Rayah both had their bottom teeth by this point, so this seems painfully slow to me. 😛 Eden is doing really well with the 4-hour schedule and I’m happy to have some consistency in our routine. He’s regularly feeding just once during the {Read More}

Happy 5 Months Eden

Well, my little man is 5 months old already! He weighed in at 15 lb. 3 oz. and is 26 inches long! He is bursting out of the little white onesie I keep trying to squeeze him into for these monthly pictures, so I may need to finally cave in and buy a bigger size soon. He’s totally fitting into his 6 month onesies and sleepers, yet his waist still doesn’t fit the 3-6 month pants! He’s long, but skinny {Read More}