Hand Lettering Scripture Printables

Lately, I’ve picked up the hobby of hand lettering and have been creating word art from scripture. I have found it to be a lot of fun, while also feeding my spirit! I love finding creative ways to meditate on God’s Word, and this has been really enjoyable, while also writing the Word upon my heart. Many of the scriptures that I’ve drawn out have been from the book of John, as I was reading and studying this book for {Read More}

Original & Fun Gift Ideas

I just wanted to take a moment to share about some lovely friends of mine who make original and fun creations that could potentially be great gift ideas for your friends and family or maybe even for me!  Hahaha – joking…..but totally serious! First of all, let me tell you about Bethany Vanderputten, who you may remember, is the talented artist who painted the beautiful header for my blog.  She does amazing work that she has transformed into a myriad of {Read More}

Women Who Proclaim

If you haven’t visited this site recently, you should really come by just to see the beautiful new header that my friend Bethany Vanderputten of www.bethanyillustrates.com painted for me!  Here’s a close-up view of her creation and you can view the full painting by coming to www.echoinghim.com. As we were emailing back and forth, discussing the painting, Bethany sent me a word of encouragement for writing on this blog, sharing with me the scripture Psalm 68:11 which says, The Lord {Read More}

Dove’s Eyes

When I announced what we were going to name our daughter after we found out we were having a girl, I told you all that Rayah comes from a Hebrew word in the Bible used only in the book of Song of Songs, which is usually translated as “my love” or “my darling” and which literally means “intimate companion”.  We feel like Rayah has a special invitation from the Lord for intimacy and friendship with Himself that we are excited to teach {Read More}