365 Project – April

April was  a rough month with the loss of my husband’s sister and with Rayah’s teeth accident, but there are still many smiles and fun memories in the pictures above. I especially like the activity I did with my son Justice for Easter, where you can see the tomb in the garden where Jesus was laid after He died for us on the cross and then on the 3rd day, there He is – alive again!! There is so much {Read More}

Angie’s Memorial Slide Show

For the family and friends of my sister-in-law Angie who may not see these videos on Facebook, here is the slide show I created for Angie’s memorial service. The first one is in HD, so if you have a slower internet connection, you can try watching the second one instead, which is a lower quality. Angela Christine Wiebe November 4, 1976 ~ April 2, 2011 Song credits: He’s Alive (Laura Hackett) and Joyful, Joyful (Laura Hackett) from the JOY CD

Processing Grief

Warning: this post is me processing and therefore it may come out as random ramblings and may be rather long. I feel like it’s been so busy and crazy for the last month and a half that I haven’t had time to sit and think and process everything that has happened. I was barely at the beginning of my journey in grieving the loss of my baby girl Ezana when we got the terrible news about Angie’s death. Now I am trying {Read More}

For Angie ~ Until we meet again…

Dear friends, family and readers, It is with deep sadness and bittersweet joy that I share with you the news of losing my dear sister-in-law Angie to a tragic car accident this last Saturday, April 2nd at the age of 34. While our sorrow and grieving is painful, how grateful we are that we are not without hope and that we can rejoice with her, as she is now in heaven, experiencing the perfect and glorious love and beauty of {Read More}