365 Project – September & October

Again, since I sort of fell of the wagon with my picture-taking, here is my update for both the months of September and October. Admittedly, there are several pictures in this bunch not actually taken by myself (mostly by my mom), but I included them anyway, because this 365 Photography Project has been more about capturing daily memories for me than about honing my own photography skills – which should be obvious, considering the majority of them were taken with {Read More}

365 Project – July & August

As I mentioned in my last post on my 365 Photography Project, I fell off the wagon in the month of July, which turned into the months of August, September, October and you guessed it – November. I’ve still been taking pictures, but definitely not every day. However, I decided to still give you an update on the pictures that I did end up taking and here are the ones from July and August. It was a great summer playing {Read More}

365 Project – June

Some highlights from the month of June were a surprise weekend getaway with my hubby, celebrating my twin niece and nephew’s 1st birthday, and enjoying the summer weather! To view larger images of my photos, you can visit my 365 Project blog at echoinghim.tumblr.com. This month, I think my favorite picture is possibly the one I took of the firewood in our shed. But I also love the one of Rayah looking up at me with her hands on my {Read More}

365 Project – May

Though the month started with a surprise snowstorm, I am soooo thankful to the Lord for spring!! I love seeing some color in my pictures this month! Breakdown of topics: Rayah – 13 pics Justice – 11 pics Me – 4 pics Objects – 8 pics Friends –1 pic Family – 1 pic Food & Drink – 2 pics Animals – 2 pics Spring – 6 pics To view larger images of my photos, you can visit my 365 Project blog at echoinghim.tumblr.com. This month, I think my {Read More}

365 Project – April

April was  a rough month with the loss of my husband’s sister and with Rayah’s teeth accident, but there are still many smiles and fun memories in the pictures above. I especially like the activity I did with my son Justice for Easter, where you can see the tomb in the garden where Jesus was laid after He died for us on the cross and then on the 3rd day, there He is – alive again!! There is so much {Read More}

365 Project – January

Well, I completed my first month of my 365 Photography Project and so far, so good! I enjoy the challenge and find it fun to wonder each day what my photo of the day will be? A couple days I couldn’t choose just one and on some days I was scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and come up with something. 95% of the photos were taken with my iPhone this month, with only a few taken with {Read More}

365 Photography Project

Okay folks – I went and started a 365 Photography Project because I just couldn’t help myself!  So far I have only taken photos with my iPhone and I’m guessing that’s what the majority of them will be, so don’t expect anything high quality or fancy-schmancy.  Do expect to see pics that make me smile because I enjoy them.  Also, I decided to use tumblr as my way to share my pics, so if you are a tumblr user, feel {Read More}


There have been an abundance of New Years posts lately, many detailing their resolutions or outlooks on the upcoming year, so I suppose I will join in as well.    While I wouldn’t say I’ve made any resolutions, I have several new projects or goals that I am wanting to implement this year that I am really excited about! Prayer & Giving Joe and I enjoy giving to various causes that we are passionate about, but we realized that we {Read More}