A Busy Week

It feels like it has been really busy around our household for the last week and a half!  September 30th – purchased the iPhone 4 to help me stay on top of things at work and at home!  I’ve never owned an Apple product and haven’t had a cell phone for several years, so this has been a fun experience for me!  Joe teases me that I touch it more than I touch him, which is sadly probably true – {Read More}

Going Back to Work

Well, after a wonderful year off for my maternity leave, I am set to return to work this Friday, October 1st. I am so grateful that my job allows me the privilege of working from home so that I can still stay home with my kids, but this also comes with challenges of its own! I remember it being difficult when I worked at home when Justice was a year old and I was pregnant with Rayah and it definitely {Read More}