One Year Pics of Eden

Hello Friends! Oh-my-word have I had zero time for blogging ever since I started back at work! It makes me so sad, as I have a list of about a dozen things I want to blog about, but so little time to do so. Working part-time from home with 3 kiddos is quite the undertaking, plus with the incredible amount of transition going on with Joe starting his new job at Sanctuary House of Prayer, it feels like there are {Read More}

Happy 5 Months Eden

Well, my little man is 5 months old already! He weighed in at 15 lb. 3 oz. and is 26 inches long! He is bursting out of the little white onesie I keep trying to squeeze him into for these monthly pictures, so I may need to finally cave in and buy a bigger size soon. He’s totally fitting into his 6 month onesies and sleepers, yet his waist still doesn’t fit the 3-6 month pants! He’s long, but skinny {Read More}

Family Photo Shoot

A couple months ago we had new family photos taken by our friend Kristen Nicole and I LOVE how they turned out! She did a great job and it is my pleasure to share a few of my favorites with you.

Eden’s Newborn Photos

Here are some newborn pictures I took a couple months ago of Eden. I never knew how hard it was to take pictures of a baby (especially all by yourself), but I’m really happy with how they turned out!

Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite Pins

I’m linking up with OhAmanda’s Top Ten Tuesday again this week with a list of my top pins that I’ve added on Pinterest since I joined the site. I really love how great it is for bookmarking ideas and things I find that I like. To have some variety, I’m going to choose one pin from 10 of my boards.     1. Dream Home – A beautiful breakfast nook by a nice big window – I have always had a thing {Read More}

Maternity Photo Shoot

Thank you so much to my lovely friend Steph who took these maternity photos for us and to my parents for hosting it in their beautiful home. **Note: In case you were wondering, yes – I did airbrush my stomach – it is no where near that perfect in real life! **

365 Project – September & October

Again, since I sort of fell of the wagon with my picture-taking, here is my update for both the months of September and October. Admittedly, there are several pictures in this bunch not actually taken by myself (mostly by my mom), but I included them anyway, because this 365 Photography Project has been more about capturing daily memories for me than about honing my own photography skills – which should be obvious, considering the majority of them were taken with {Read More}

365 Project – July & August

As I mentioned in my last post on my 365 Photography Project, I fell off the wagon in the month of July, which turned into the months of August, September, October and you guessed it – November. I’ve still been taking pictures, but definitely not every day. However, I decided to still give you an update on the pictures that I did end up taking and here are the ones from July and August. It was a great summer playing {Read More}

My Prince Charming

After doing a photo shoot for my daughter’s second birthday, I just couldn’t resist doing one with my son as well. Since he’ll be turning four in March, the weather at that time isn’t exactly the nicest for taking pictures outside, so even though we got our first snow, I managed to sneak in a photo shoot on what may have been the last really nice day of the year. I took 110 pictures, which I narrowed down to my {Read More}

My 30th Birthday – Part 4 (The Fun)

If you missed them, you can catch up with Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. For me, most of the fun of my party was just having so many friends and family show up and getting to mingle with them all. But I did plan one activity that I wanted, which was a car rally/scavenger hunt which I got my brother Derek to create for me! Whoever wanted to participate showed up earlier and I think there were about {Read More}