Financial Miracles

Well, we have had several financial miracles and blessings from God recently, that I simply must share! First, in October of last year, Joe and I were really desiring to go on a family vacation down to the International House of Prayer, but we didn’t have the money.  We figured we would need about $1000 to drive down and stay for a week, so Joe started praying and asking God about it.  We really wanted to go the week of {Read More}

IHOP – Day 7

Alas, it is our last day here at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  This morning I had a really lovely and enjoyable time in the Global Prayer Room, journaling about some things that God was touching my heart with from a book I started reading, “Entirety” by Dana Candler.  In the very first chapter, Dana mentions a time when her husband Matt said, “You know…we can be wholehearted before God right now.”  This totally struck me, because {Read More}

IHOP – Day 6

Today was a fairly uneventful day.  Joe went to the prayer room in the morning and I went in the afternoon, after which we brought Justice to the house where our friend Christina is staying while she does the Commission internship.  She generously agreed to babysit Justice so that Joe and I could have a date tonight!  We didn’t have much of a plan, so we just found a small park and went for a walk and then sat under {Read More}

IHOP – Day 5

This morning, Joe was kind enough to get up with Justice and feed him before heading off to the prayer room, which gave me some extra time to rest my eyes in bed, even though I obviously couldn’t actually sleep.    Justice and I hung out and then I got my chance in the prayer room in the afternoon.  Today I decided to sign up for the healing rooms and I had to wait quite a while to get in, {Read More}

IHOP – Day 4

This morning, Justice didn’t want to sleep either, and Joe ended up with him sleeping on his chest for a while!  I got showered and ready for the day while Joe fed Justice breakfast, but then Joe got a migraine headache, so I hung around for a bit longer to help out until my coffee date with Christina!  I met up with her at Higher Grounds and we had a great talk about what things God is working on in {Read More}

IHOP – Day 3

Well, today started out a little rough, since Justice decided he wanted to wake up for the day at 6:00am, but we’re learning to roll with it & he just spent some time in bed with us until we were ready to get up too.  After breakfast, Joe headed to the prayer room while I spent most of the morning blogging and reading and playing with Justice.  I had leftover Applebee’s for lunch and then Joe & I switched roles {Read More}

IHOP – Day 2

Well, Justice slept great during our first night at the hotel, in his new nursery (AKA the bathroom) and after all having breakfast and showers we all had a nap!  lol.  I love vacations!  It was such a nice relaxing morning and then when Justice woke up, we quickly got ready to head over to Forerunner Christian Fellowship (FCF) for the 10:30 am service.  We were pretty stoked when we got a parking spot right at the doors because we {Read More}

IHOP – Day 1

So, we left for Kansas City, Missouri and the International House of Prayer around 6:00pm on Friday night.  We almost immediately had to detour because of an accident or something on the perimeter highway in Winnipeg, but thankfully it didn’t delay us too much.  We got through at the border with no problems, praise Jesus, even though we hadn’t thought to bring a birth certificate along for Justice (note for next time!).  At the border, we changed & fed Justice {Read More}

Onething and Our 4th Honeymoon!

The last two weekends have been FULL!  First of all, we hosted a Onething regional conference here in Winnipeg and Joe and I personally hosted 3 of the team members at our home for the weekend!  It was such an amazing time getting to know the team from IHOP and connecting with other young people who have the same heart and passion for prayer that we do.  Everyone was so great and fun and they did such an incredible job {Read More}