Truth in the Tinsel – Year 4

I haven’t had any time for blogging as of late, but I always make time for Truth in the Tinsel as the Christmas season approaches because I love it so much and so do my kids. It’s just under 2 weeks until December 1st when the tradition of advent typically begins and if you have children, I would highly recommend this advent devotional and activity eBook to you! The first year that we participated, we followed the book as closely {Read More}

Our Easter Banner

Our family had a great time preparing our hearts for Easter using the kids devotional A Sense of the Resurrection. You can read about Days 1 & 2 in my original review and Days 3 & 4 here. On Day 5 we SAW Jesus’ true royalty as they put a purple robe on Him, draping a purple blanket over Justice’s shoulders as a royal garment. On Day 6 we HEARD the rooster’s crow and talked about how we don’t want {Read More}

Coupon Code for A Sense of the Resurrection!

A couple weeks ago I talked about how we are preparing our hearts for Easter by using a new ebook from ohAmanda called A Sense of the Resurrection. Feel free to read my review of this devotional for kids that we are already loving! Since then we’ve done a couple more of the devotionals as we slowly draw closer to Easter. For Day 3 we talked about how Jesus was a servant and we FELT the warm water and bubbles {Read More}

Preparing Our Hearts for Easter

It’s coming up on 3 years ago that we lost my husband’s sister Angie in a car accident on April 2nd, 2011, not too long before Easter. This was also the first year where I decided to do a special activity with my then 3-year-old son Justice to talk about Jesus dying for us and rising again. I think it was helpful, even as we were also processing the death of Angie and our hope in her resurrection when Jesus {Read More}

Truth in the Tinsel Winner!

The winner of my Truth in the Tinsel giveaway is comment #3 Nicole Funk! Thanks for entering and if you didn’t win, definitely take advantage of my 20% discount coupon code ECHOINGHIM for the ebook! I’m excited & looking forward to hearing how some of you, my friends and family, who are doing this for the first time this year enjoy it and hearing the stories of what you and your kids experience together!

Truth in the Tinsel: Giveaway & Coupon Code!!

This will be my 3rd year using Truth in the Tinsel as our family Advent celebration leading up to Christmas and my kids have been getting excited about it as soon as they saw Christmas decorations start going up in the stores and neighborhood. If you haven’t heard about Truth in the Tinsel, it is a fantastic e-book by Amanda White with daily advent clues, crafts, Bible passages and a devotional to read with your children to teach them about {Read More}

Monthly Mission: Write a Letter

So, last month I joined in with Amanda in her Monthly Mission to PRAY with my kids. Since one of the focuses of our prayer was other nations of the world, we ended up praying for the countries of the children we sponsor through Compassion Canada. This led to us looking at maps to see where they lived and reminded me that the Monthly Mission from April had been to write your Compassion child a letter. So, even though we {Read More}

Monthly Mission: Pray for Harvest Workers

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been joining in with Amanda at in her Monthly Mission, which is PRAYER this month! In my last post, I talked about how we have been praying with our kids about the issue of LIFE, and in this post, I’m just going to share how we took some of Amanda’s ideas from her post and added some of our ideas to it. I LOVED Amanda’s post and creative activities that {Read More}

Monthly Mission: Pray for LIFE

I had hoped to have this post up earlier, but we are still trying to recover and catch up with life after being on a road trip for over 2 weeks with our three young kiddos, so things are taking a little longer to get done. I’ve talked about my friend Amanda at several times before, as she is the writer of the fantastic eBook “Truth in the Tinsel“. Recently, she has also started a series on her blog {Read More}

There Is Joy Over One!

Just a few months ago, I had the amazing privilege of hearing my son Justice share with me his salvation experience – what a joy! On March 21st, my husband Joe got to share this same joy as he led our daughter Rayah in her own acceptance of Jesus as her Savior! If you don’t follow his blog, I wanted to give you the opportunity to read the story – Part 1 and Part 2. As we did with Justice, {Read More}