When I was a young teenager and had my first real encounter with the presence of God, I was deeply impacted by His love for me. For whatever reason, He drew me into studying the book of Song of Solomon, where He introduced me to the idea that I was part of the Bride of Christ and Jesus was my heavenly Bridegroom who pursued me and sought to fully win my heart. This revelation has held me steadfast over the last couple decades and has been an integral aspect of my relationship with God.

However, since I was so drawn to the spiritual romance story of Jesus as my Bridegroom, I found myself struggling to relate as easily to God as my Father. I think that somehow along the way, some incorrect beliefs about God were subtly and subconsciously accepted as truth, that He was kind of mean and angry and disappointed with me and that Jesus was the nice one who died to save me from my sins so that the angry, mean Father God might be obliged to love me. I don’t really know where those ideas came from, but the enemy is sneaky with his lies!

In the last several years I have learned so much about the true character and nature of the Father and His heart towards me that has helped to squash those wrong beliefs, but there was a different lie that the enemy had tricked me into believing that I didn’t realize was there until just recently. Because I struggled in those early years to accept the love of the Father, I believed that there was something fundamentally wrong with me and that I was somehow broken or messed up and that I was therefore unable to receive the Father’s love. This first came to the surface during a Revelation Wellness (RevWell TV) workout I did recently where we were prompted to write any lies spoken over us on a balloon and then pop the balloon at the end of the workout.

2017-02-17 12.20.52 HDR
Well, shortly afterwards, the Lord prompted me to spend some time talking to Him about this and what might seem like a small thing felt like a huge breakthrough for me. I heard that same statement in my mind, “I can’t receive the Father’s love. There’s something wrong me and I don’t know how to fix it because I don’t know what it is, so I guess I’ll never be able to.” That was when God whispered in my ear, “That’s a lie.” Woah. It was like a light came on and exposed it for what it was, because the enemy had been so successful at making me believe that it was truth. I realized that until I recognized that to be a total lie and acknowledged it for what it was, that I wouldn’t be able to move forward. By exposing the lie, I could now simply say, “No – that is a lie and I won’t accept it any longer!” Chains were falling off!

But it’s not good enough to expose the lie – you have to replace it with truth, and my Father was so good and faithful to speak His truth straight to my heart, bringing such freedom and healing.

I created you with the specific purpose of being loved by Me.

This is your original design and what I made you for.

When I formed you in your mother’s womb, I gave you the ability to both receive and give love, for you are made in my image and I am love! My foremost desire in creating you was simply to love you and to be loved in return.

As an infant, you had no other purpose other than to let your parents love you, care for you, nourish and cherish you. There was nothing you could do to strive to earn their love and they didn’t need or expect you to even be able to love them in return or do anything for them. Your job was simply and only to receive their love and let it nurture your body and soul to grow healthy and strong. It’s the same with Me!

You are perfectly designed by Me to be loved by Me. You are not broken. This is what you were made for.

You are fearfully and wonderfully crafted, perfectly formed with the ability to be loved by Me. You don’t have to work hard or strive at it – it is a natural part your spirit that has been made alive in Me. Your spirit knows how to receive love because you are made in My image.

I am love and I am perfect at giving and receiving love. I desired you to be like Me, so I gave you this gift.

2017-03-01 18.37.39I have given you My Holy Spirit to help you and teach you and connect your heart with My heart of love, to show you how to abide in My love.

I loved you first. Before you could do anything – good or bad – before you could resist Me or sin could come between us, I loved you. And I imprinted My love upon your heart.

I rejoice over you and take delight and pleasure in you, simply because you are Mine – My daughter in whom I am well pleased.

Your insecurities, fears, walls, resistance, faults, and perceived flaws cannot stop Me from loving you.

All you need to do is receive My love and let it fill you, strengthen you, and heal you.

If you’ve ever struggled to receive His love, I pray that this gives you hope and shines a light into your heart. Though I feel like this is just the beginning, and I now need to actually practice soaking in and receiving His love for me, this was a huge step for me, to believe that it’s possible and that He made me with the ability to receive it. I am now writing His truth on post-it notes stuck to my mirror to rewrite those areas in my mind and heart. :)