I usually have pretty high expectations of myself. I expect that I should…

  • be an amazing wife
  • raise my children to be lovers of Jesus and grow up to become men and women of excellent character
  • spend quality time with my husband and kids
  • spend quality time with God in prayer and in His Word
  • take good care of my family by making sure they are clothed and well-fed
  • take good care of my home by seeking to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness
  • be involved at my local church in regular attendance and serving
  • work to keep my body healthy by being active and exercising regularly
  • do my job with excellence and integrity
  • have a thankful heart
  • use my gifts and abilities for God’s glory and the advancement of His kingdom
  • love my neighbor
  • be a faithful witness of Jesus to those who do not know Him
  • be mentored by others and be a mentor to others
  • be learning new things and growing in my knowledge of God, my spouse, my kids, my job & skills

Now, it is quite obvious that there is no possible way for me to measure up to these expectations I place on myself. It is also easy to heap up guilt and condemnation on myself when I feel as though I am failing to meet these standards. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many might agree that these are not bad expectations to have and that they are admirable qualities to seek after. But somewhere along the line the enemy used even these good things to lure me into seeking even more – things that are truly impossible and which God never meant for me to carry. These are the expectations that I need to let go of…

  • perfection
  • sinlessness
  • being liked by everyone
  • being on top of everything all the time
  • making everybody else happy
  • to always know what’s going on and the right way to go or thing to do
  • to provide for our needs
  • to have the time and energy to do it all
  • to always feel happy
  • to always feel healthy & strong
  • to save anybody
  • to solve other people’s problems
  • to bear all the responsibility for my children’s choices & actions
  • to bear all the burden of reaching out to or helping everyone in need in my own community, city, nation, or world
  • to bear the responsibility for anybody’s walk or growth in their relationship with Christ
  • to never make mistakes or disappoint anyone
  • to be completely selfless
  • to be able to do everything that I desire or fulfill every dream or wish in this life

2016-12-18 12.22.35-1Somehow, I seem to have gotten it in my head that I ought to be able to be like God and do God’s job. That is how high I have placed the expectations on myself. No wonder I can never measure up! :) As I realized this, I also saw that these are the things that I can truly expect of God.

He is perfect. He has never sinned nor will He ever. He has never been liked by everyone, but He doesn’t need to be. He is on top of everything, for He upholds all things by the word of His power.

He has made the fullness of joy available to all who come to Him. He always knows exactly what is going on everywhere and the right thing to do about it. He will always do what is good and right.

He will provide for our every need. He has all the time and energy required to do it all. He is always filled with joy that nobody can take away. He is strong and powerful to deliver, rescue and save the lost.

He is the Wonderful Counselor who has the solution to everybody’s problems. He is a good Father who I can trust to take care of my children. He cares for all the needs of everyone in my community, city, nation and world and He has the resources to reach them.

He is faithful to finish the work He has started in me and in every one of His children and to bring us all into glory blameless and flawless before Him.

He will never make a mistake. He is not disappointed in me, even when I am disappointed in myself and He is not threatened or offended if I am disappointed in Him.

He does nothing out of selfish ambition, but in humility values others above Himself. He does all that He wills and all that pleases Him.

He will never leave me nor forsake me, but will faithfully lead and guide me as my Good Shepherd.

These are things I can hope in and expect, without fear of ever being put to shame.

“I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed…” Philippians 1:20

“My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.” Psalm 62:5

What is something you know you can expect of God? What is an expectation of yourself you need to let go of?


  1. I put so many expectations on myself that I get in God’s way. Thank you for sharing.