Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite iPhone Apps

I am joining once again with Top Ten Tuesday, previously hosted by OhAmanda and now at its new home at ManyLittleBlessings.

After about a year and three-quarters with my iPhone, I have come to appreciate rely heavily desperately need my iPhone to do most everything. :) Since I have apparently lost a great portion of my brain cells to pregnancy and baby-brain, my iPhone has become my brain-outside-my-brain and is a great resource for me to stay somewhat organized and on top of things. Mind you, it is also an addictive distraction that can suck you away into never-never-land, but I believe the pros have proved to outweigh the cons. So without further ado, here are my Top Ten iPhone Apps (not necessarily in order of importance) that I could not live without (only a slight exaggeration). :)

1. Bible (free) – I love this Bible app by, the creators of!! I use this app almost daily to read the Bible from my various reading plans and I love the features it provides such as highlighting, bookmarking verses, saving my own notes about scriptures, and more. This app is an absolute must for your ios device!
2. MealBoard (1.99) – I wrote an extensive review of this app a while ago and I still think it’s fabulous! They are often updating it and adding new features, constantly improving it and making it even easier and more enjoyable to use. I have saved 4 month-long menu templates which I can load each month, making menu planning a breeze! It then generates my grocery list, which is organized into my grocery store’s aisles and makes shopping quick and easy. It takes some work & time on the front end to enter in all your recipes and ingredients, but it has been SO worth it for me and I couldn’t recommend it enough. They also make it easier to do some of that data entry via their website or by being able to easily import recipes from popular recipe websites, so you’re not trying to type in a bunch of recipes on your phone.
3. (free) – This is a recent addition to my app collection, but so far I am finding it very helpful. Their website allows you to import transactions from all of your various bank accounts and credit cards, making it easy to view all of your banking info in one convenient location. You can then set up budgets for all your budget categories and keep track of your income and spending.
4. HomeRoutines (3.99) – If you’re a follower of the FlyLady, then this app is a perfect companion to help you follow along with some of her daily routines and house cleaning schedules, but if not, it’s still a great help! I’m a little familiar with FlyLady, but almost anyone who offers advice on how to manage your home will recommend having established routines and this app will help you keep track of them, refreshing each day so that you can check off what you’ve accomplished – morning, afternoon & evening. You can also create your own routines, whether they be weekly tasks or some other category of your own making. Then there’s a separate section for you to keep track of your To Do list, with divisions to help you see what you need to do Today, This Week, or Later. Marking them off is great fun & you can see a list of what you’ve accomplished each day! There are also house zones for you to focus on each week with a list of possible tasks that you can edit & personalize to fit your home. I personally haven’t used the zones yet – I’ve got enough to do without worrying about dusting my baseboards :) but it’s still a neat feature. Plus, everything syncs online for free & is also viewable and editable on their website. This app is a great way to keep me on track with the little things I need to do daily, but which are easy to forget and I would totally recommend it!
5. IHOP-KC (free) – If you’re not familiar with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP-KC), it is a place where they have had continual prayer and worship going non-stop, 24/7 for nearly 15 years! This app allows you to listen to sermons from the various teachers and preachers there, watch or listen to the live prayer room webstream, watch archives from recent prayer & worship sets, or view/listen to other media material like interviews, sample sessions from their IHOPU classes, or other conferences and special events. I mostly use this app just for the live prayer room webstream, but as you can see, there’s a ton of great resources available for you to enjoy as well, which can be a great addition to your own prayer, worship or devotional times with God.
6. Pocket Prayer Pro (1.99) – I’ve had this app for a while on my phone, but only recently really discovered how helpful it could be to me in praying for the people I love or the issues I care about. This app comes with several sample prayers in various categories that you can pray and which are all accompanied by a scripture. These sample prayers are easy to edit if you want to make changes or you can add your own and create your own categories as well. Then, you can set up prayer requests to record the details of the people or things you want to pray about. You can include a description of the request, add a picture, add people from your contacts to the request, and then the best feature – schedule these requests for when you want to pray about them – either daily, on a specific date or date range, on a certain day of the week, month or year. It’s great! Then each day it tells me which items I’ve scheduled to pray about for that day & I can check them off once I’ve prayed for them. I’ve been working on some sample prayers that I think I will make available on my website here as a download for anyone interested, which you can then import into the app. There is also a lite version that you can try out for free – it just limits you to only entering in 10 prayer requests.
7. Instagram (free) – Need I say more? Who doesn’t love taking pictures, easily adding fun filters and then sharing them with friends and family or with the whole world? Ha!
8. Reactcardz (1.99) – This game was formerly known as iLigretto, but you may be more familiar with the name Dutch Blitz. I LOVE playing Dutch Blitz and would consider myself a pretty good player, so that most friends and family know they’ll get beat by my mad lightning-fast reflexes (except for my sister-in-law Erin – she’s ridiculous and I can’t beat her). :) Well, Reactcardz definitely challenges my skills and riles up my competitive spirit. This game makes me angry when it beats me, but I just can’t stop playing it – I’m driven to get better and beat the computer with all of the 3 players at the “fast” level. Right now, I’m able to win with 2 mediums and 1 fast player – slowly, but surely I will work my way up! If you like Dutch Blitz, you need this game. You can also play it with real people when on the same wi-fi network, but I haven’t really had the chance to try this out much.
9. OnSong (7.99) – Okay, so this is really just a favorite app in theory, as I’m not really using it currently, but I think it looks really awesome and I want to use it. :) This app is meant for you to keep your song lyrics & chords for performing or for leading worship. You can organize all your songs with tags, transpose the key, add notes, create set lists, have it scroll automatically and do all kinds of other cool stuff. It really is more suited for an iPad, which is part of the reason I haven’t gotten much use out of it yet, but it works fine on the iPhone as well, if you have good eyesight. :) The other thing holding me back is the actual time to input all my songs, but I would like to figure out how to use this in the future as a worship leader.
10. Diptic (free) – This app is the perfect companion to Instagram, allowing me to create collages of my favorite photos, since I am hopelessly indecisive and can never choose just one picture to post. It has a ton of different collage layouts that are easy to customize as well as a few basic photo editing features. Love it!

How about you? What are your favorite iPhone/iPad apps that you couldn’t live without?


  1. I love lists! This was a good one, now I need to go out and buy an itunes card so I can download some of these apps :)

  2. Wow, thank you for the list! A lot of the apps you mentioned definitely sound worthy of a download! I’ve only had my iPhone for several months right now, so when it comes to my favorite apps I really only have a few. I mainly use them while I’m away on business for my job at Dish too. They include; Chase, Temple Run, Dish Remote Access, Pandora, Facebook and Tumblr. Most of them are for entertainment purposes because of all the downtime I face in airports. The one I love the most is probably Dish Remote Access. It’s cool because it works with my Sling Adapter at home allowing me to keep up with all my favorite shows, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world. It’s definitely the best when it comes to killing some time. :)