I Know How To Love You

Several months ago, we were sitting at the dinner table and asked Justice to pray for our meal, and in the midst of thanking God for the food, he said this phrase that blew me away. It was so simple, yet seemed so profound and it seemed even more so coming from the mouth of my then 3-year-old son. He thanked God that, “You know how to love us.” Wow. For some reason, this was something that I had never really thought much about before and it really impacted my heart. So, it was something that I began to meditate on and ask God to speak to me about. Here is what He spoke to me as I wrote in my journal…

I’m watching you and taking delight in you today! I see you right in this moment and I see the longing in your heart to feel my love and to know me more. I see and know your every desire, every ache, every fear, every insecurity, every tear and I love it all. I love you in the middle of your pain and searching, your struggle and your seeking. I know everything about you – your deepest emotions, your secret thoughts, even the things you don’t know about yourself.

I know every intricate detail of how I fashioned your heart and spirit. I am intimately acquainted with all of your ways, I know what moves your heart, I know what moves you to tears, I know what chokes you with fear, I know what causes your heart to soar with joy, I know what you want most in the world.

I know how to love you.

Yes my love, I know exactly how to love you and I love you so well. I am love and I love you perfectly. I know exactly what your heart longs for and what it needs. I know how to unlock every chamber of your heart, even if you’re trying to hide or protect yourself and even if you don’t know how to let me in to those places. I know how to get past every wall that you’ve built up. I know how to remove those things that hinder my love from filling you to all the fullness that I have for you. I know how to nurture the fragile and tender shoots of your love that are growing in your heart and bring them to maturity and fruitfulness.

I know how to love you.

I know how to fill every hole and crack and gaping pit in your heart with my love, my Spirit, my presence. I know how to heal every wound, repair every part of you that has been broken, transform what has been ruined into something beautiful. I know how to destroy every lie that you have believed about me. I know how to scatter the darkness and defeat the enemy in your life. I know how to set you free from every sin and every thing that holds you in bondage.

I know how to love you.

I know exactly what it will take to bring you before myself blameless, spotless and perfected in love. I know exactly how you love to be loved and what will overwhelm your heart with pleasure and delight and joy. I know exactly how to pursue you, woo you, allure you and romance you. No one can love you like I do!

I know how to love you perfectly and how to satisfy you completely.

I know how to overcome the coldness and dullness of your heart. I know how to thrill your heart with exhilaration and shatter the boredom and barrenness you feel. I know how to make your heart come alive again! I know how to excite your heart with my striking beauty. I know how to cause you to be stunned by my majesty and power.

I know how to love you.

There is so much more to my love than what you know now. Trust me, my love, you cannot be bored when you know me! You cannot exhaust the depths of my love, you cannot grow accustomed to the endless vastness of my love, and you can fall more and more in love with me for all of eternity. My love is surpassing in quality, in duration, in passion, in beauty, in its ability to thrill and delight.

I know how to love you.


  1. That is so good! Thanks so much Jacquie for sharing this with us! What an amazing truth to meditate upon.