Happy 5 Months Eden

Well, my little man is 5 months old already! He weighed in at 15 lb. 3 oz. and is 26 inches long! He is bursting out of the little white onesie I keep trying to squeeze him into for these monthly pictures, so I may need to finally cave in and buy a bigger size soon. :) He’s totally fitting into his 6 month onesies and sleepers, yet his waist still doesn’t fit the 3-6 month pants! He’s long, but skinny and doesn’t have as much chunk on him as my other kids did. :)

I can see how these pictures in the guitar case are going to start getting more interesting, however, as his rolling over from his back to his stomach has kicked into high gear this month – lol. He is no longer content to just lay still!

But my goodness is this little guy CUUUUTE or what!?! :)

There’s not too much to report this month. I think those teeth of his sank back down into his gums and are stubbornly refusing to come out. šŸ˜› He’s getting better and better though at grabbing toys and playing with them and chewing on them, which helps the teething immensely! He’s is VERY grabby right now and wants to get his hands on everything – usually with the goal of getting it into his mouth.

With all of his rolling over, he’s beginning to attempt to move around and go after things, but mostly he succeeds in spinning around in circles as opposed to actually going anywhere.

Breastfeeding seems to be improving slightly and I’m aiming to keep going at least until he is 6 months and starts eating solids – we’ll see how much longer I continue after that. :) I have recently managed to move him to a 4 hour feeding schedule instead of 3 hours and he is also sleeping longer stretches at night, which is lovely! He is only napping 3 times a day now – usually with a longer nap in the morning and afternoon and a shorter one around supper time before going down for bed around 7:30pm.

He is also getting louder and more vocal with very expressive grunts, squeals, gurgles and laughs! His grunting is especially loud and rather amusing to listen to. One of my favorite things to do is kiss his squishy, soft cheeks and wet lips and nuzzle his neck to make him giggle. He is a real sweetie and it’s fun watching him grow and learn.


  1. Eden’s weight at 5 months surpassed Noah’s weight at 6 months =) He was 15lbs 1 oz at the doctor’s last! And….must admit….trying not to be jealous about fewer, longer naps and longer stretches between feeds =) I think Noah would do the longer stretches between feeds, I’m just nervous that he’ll make up for it at night!