Happy 4 Months Eden

I’m a week late in posting, but Eden is now four months old and is weighing in the rough vicinity of 14 lb. as indicated by our trusty (but doubtfully accurate) bathroom scale. :)

The joys (insert sarcasm here) of teething have definitely begun and we’ve been able to see two little teeth buds beneath the surface of his gums for weeks, though they are taking their sweet time to actually cut through. 😛 Thankfully, he is learning how to play with toys and actually get them to his mouth to chew on, while also thoroughly enjoying chewing on his fingers.

Breastfeeding has continued to be a struggle, with many tears (his and mine), which is still an unsolved mystery, though it may be partially due to the teething dilemma. I have been very tempted to quite entirely on several occasions, but I am still persevering, mostly because breastfeeding is still more convenient and inexpensive than formula. Bottle feeding also seems to take longer and I don’t like the smell of his breath as much with formula compared to breast milk. :) If you think of us, feel free to pray that things will improve in this area and that he will be happier and more content while feeding.

He’s gone on another bus ride, gone for walks, gone to the mall for mommy dates with Justice, and spent a weekend at Grandma & Grandpa’s with Mommy, Justice & Rayah while daddy was away on a trip. He still mostly feeds every 3 hours during the day and usually only feeds once during the night (occasionally twice), though he randomly slept through the entire night 2 nights in row (from 10:30-6:30), which has sadly not been repeated since. :)

Justice and Rayah are really good at making Eden smile – he totally responds to their smiles and laughter. Often their laughter is very exaggerated and fake sounding, but it makes Eden happy nonetheless. :) Eden also loves being tickled, especially around his neck, and we get some good giggles out of him!

Eden rolled over from his stomach to his back for the first time. He has also been really enjoying the Jumperoo this month and will jump and bounce like crazy! He tried out the Jolly Jumper for the first time and loved it! He especially enjoys it out on the deck where he can watch his siblings play while he jumps. Here he is also enjoying his first time laying in the grass. :)



  1. What a cutie! Happy 4 months Eden! I pray that breastfeeding would get better and the struggle would disappear. What a blessing that he is sleeping so well =) Would it continue!

  2. Oh he’s too cute! I will be praying that the breastfeeding improves. You are such a good mama for sticking with it!