The Essential Jesus – Colossians 1:15-23

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Colossians 1:15-23

I am the express image of my Father – I look just like Him! Though He is invisible, I became a visible likeness of Him for you to behold. Not so much in my physical appearance, but in my nature and character, I came to portray His heart to you. When you look at me, see Him! I am a perfect reflection of all that He is. I am His firstborn Son – though uncreated, I hold the position of firstborn over all creation and stand to inherit it all, since I am His image and one with Him.

As His very Word, it was by me that all things were created – everything in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible. I created every angelic and heavenly creature from the highest to the lowest and every thing on the earth from the mightiest king to the seemingly most insignificant insect. All things were created through me and for me and it is by me that all things are held together.

As I created and brought forth all of the universe and everything in it, I made it all for my pleasure and enjoyment. It all exists for me – you exist for me! I formed you and brought you into existence because I delight in you and enjoy you! You are for me! You are my Bride, my Church, and I am your Husband, the Head of my body.

Yet even as your Creator and as Head over you, I do not treat you as an overbearing master treats a slave beneath him. You do not need to fear my leadership, for though I am powerful, I am also meek. Though I fashioned the stars and planets, I am tender and kind and I care about your heart.

Not only am I firstborn over all my creation, but I am the firstborn from the dead – the first one to experience the resurrection of my human body to its eternal, glorified state! I am the firstfruits of those who have died, for this same new life is in store for you! I experienced death for your sakes, but I did not stay in the grave as every other man before and after me – I am fully alive by the resurrection power of my own Spirit and clothed in my glorified body, that in all things I may have the preeminence.

In every area, I am superior and outstanding in my position, my power, my authority, my purity, my beauty, my perfection and my nature. For it pleased my Father that all the fullness should dwell in me – that being fully man, I would also contain the fullness of deity. There is nothing lacking in me!

My Father was also pleased to reconcile all things to Himself through me – whether things on earth or things in heaven – having made peace through my blood that I shed on the cross. Heaven and earth will be brought back together into unity in me – all that was lost will be restored! And though you were once alienated and separated from us, our enemy in your mind by your wicked works, I have now reconciled you to my Father and to myself in the body of my flesh through death, to present you holy and blameless and above reproach in my sight.

Truly, my death was such a glorious thing in the power of what it accomplished! By my blood, I restored the relationship with us that was lost through sin in the garden. I snatched you from the kingdom of darkness, rescued you from the punishment of eternal suffering and separation from God, brought you into my very own family, and then purified and sanctified you, cleansing you from all your sin and every compromise that taints your love! No wonder my Father was so pleased, so overjoyed to reconcile you to Himself through me – it was a fantastic and wonderful work that we did!

And all you need to do is believe it and receive it by faith – it’s yours!

** This post was influenced by Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Colossians 1 and the following scriptures: Hebrews 1:2-4; John 14:7-11; Romans 8:29; 1 Corinthians 15:20; Ephesians 1:7-10 **


  1. thanks for your sharing ab out our Essential Jesus book. It has been an encouragement to many. Blessings Bruce