My First Advent Calendar

I’ve never had an advent calendar before or celebrated it, besides perhaps one of those cardboard boxes with the punch out holes with chocolates inside as a kid. :) However, when I got the chance to review Truth in the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands, I got really excited about counting down the days to Christmas with scriptures and crafts with my kids. Amanda, the author of Truth in the Tinsel, included clues that could either be chained together or ones that could be placed in an existing advent calendar. When Amanda posted several great ideas for advent calendars, I was drawn to one that required a bit of work, but looked like fun!

I chose to make the Recycle Bin Advent Calendar, though I modified the materials slightly based on what I could find. I didn’t have any large paper bags, so when I was at my local dollar store, I managed to finagle a large box for free that was being used to hold big Christmas gift bags and I cut it up to use as my backdrop – score! :)

I also don’t buy magazines or get flyers, so I had nothing to cut up for creating the pockets. When my mom’s place didn’t turn out to be a good source of material, we went to the thrift store in her smaller town, which is actually a very large and busy place, and I managed to snag some old Christmas themed magazines and Christmas cards for 25 cents a piece – another score! While I was there, I also found these large rolls of paper that are actually donated by the local newspaper and they are so perfect for doing crafts with the kids – this is what I used for creating the pockets themselves.

After much cutting, folding, gluing and taping, I am very happy with the final product and can’t wait to begin using it. Each pocket contains the clues from Truth in the Tinsel, as well as some green and red gummy bears for the kids. I even managed to match a few of the pockets’ pictures to the clue for that day. :) We also set up the small artificial tree that we borrowed from a friend today (we’ve been afraid to have a tree past Christmases with the little ones) and we are all set to begin our advent experience!

I am praying that this will be a memorable month of learning the story of how Jesus came to the earth to save us and to show us His love. If you want to join with the many other moms and dads who are going through Truth in the Tinsel, grab Amanda’s ebook and join her Facebook page, where we’ll all be encouraging each other and sharing pictures and stories along the way!

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