My 30th Birthday – Part 3 (The Decorations)

Read Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them!

I’m probably going to make all of you sick and tired of hearing about my 30th Birthday by the time I’m done blogging about it, so I will apologize in advance. :) This post is about one of the things that was really a lot of fun for me though – the decorations! While I definitely don’t do a lot of crafty things, I think it is something that is in my bones, because I had a blast doing them. I think one of the things that intimidates me the most is the pressure to “be creative”, but with Pinterest, I felt like everyone else did the creative thinking for me and all I had to do was copy them, which is totally fine with me! It was a little scary at times, tedious, messy, and required me to do some problem-solving and pull some strings to find crafty equipment (I don’t have much of any) – but in the end, it was all worth it! The decorations is also where I got to take my rainbow theme to the max. :)

Where to start? I think one of the definite favorites was the yarn balloons. After finding my initial inspiration, I went hunting on the Internet for tutorials and found that all of the instructions were slightly different & super vague on the ratio of glue to other stuff that you dip the yarn in, so this one was scary, because I wasn’t really sure it was going to actually turn out! My wonderful friend Lanney also came over to help out & in one of the tutorials I read, it told you to first wrap your balloon with the dry yarn to get an idea of how much you’d need – this was a BAD IDEA!!! After cutting our lengths of yarn, we spent HOURS trying to untangle it all – it would definitely be better to just wing it & pull the yarn directly from the ball. This was also the messiest craft I did, since I first covered my balloons with Vaseline before wrapping them in the wet & gluey yarn. But I LOVED the final product – they were so cute!

Combined with the yarn balloons was my circular paper garland. The tutorial mentioned that they used old second-hand books for some of their circles, so in addition to the solid colored rainbow circles I used, I cut up a colorfully illustrated kids book that my son had conveniently ripped to pieces – at least it wasn’t going completely to waste! :) I think I cut out around 300 circles – thanks to being able to borrow a special cutter from one of my mom’s friends & then using my mom’s sewing machine, sewed them all together to create the garland. I really liked how they turned out!


My next crafty decoration was some paper strip lanterns, which I sadly had to hang inside, because they didn’t like the wind so much. :) But they still looked cute hanging in our large front bay window and were quite easy to make.

Next, I made some paper strip mobiles, which were similar to the garland, just paper strips sewn together and hung up!

Lastly, I made some paper fan star/flower thingiesand these were probably the most tedious to make because of all the folding! I spent hours folding forty 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper and my pec and armpit muscles were sore the next day – lol. Also, I couldn’t actually find a tutorial anywhere on the Internet for how to make these, so I had to do some problem solving and figure it out on my own. I then had to finagle a heavy-duty stapler from my mom’s work place to put these things together, but the end result was quite fun and dramatic!


One more crafty item was a photo guest book which my mom and sister Nicole put together for me! There was about one photo for each of the 30 years of my life coupled with a pretty piece of scrap paper that guests could pull out and sign. It was fun for them to see old pictures of me and definitely a really fun keepsake for me to have afterwards!


All right – I think that about covers it! Stay tuned for Part 4… :)