Update on Rayah’s Teeth

For those of you who may be concerned or wondering about how Rayah is doing after her fall on Tuesday and the nasty hit to her teeth, I wanted to give you a bit of an update.

First of all, I just want to thank you again for all your prayers! Rayah has seemingly had virtually no pain and has been her usual happy self with very little complaining about her bumped teeth. She’s eating well, though she can only eat very soft food for the next little bit, and her gums appear to be healing well too. She has been whining about her mouth, but I think it’s because she’s actually teething and working on those back molars. :(

We had a follow-up visit with the pediatric dentist on Thursday and they took an x-ray which showed that there was no major fracture in the bone that holds her teeth in place and that the roots of her teeth are intact. You could see the adult teeth that are there, but there is no way of knowing at this point if they sustained any trauma or damage. So, the bone is back in place where it should be, which is great, but her teeth are still a little loose and not in their correct position,  jutting out a bit from the rest of her teeth.

We’ll be seeing the dentist again in a couple weeks, so we are praying and hoping for the best in the mean time. Some of the concerns about keeping the teeth in are that they could get bumped again, which would obviously not be a pleasant experience, they could possibly get infected, and if they don’t move back into line, they could cause problems with Rayah’s bite. I’ve already noticed that she’s tending to put her top teeth behind the bumped teeth instead of over top of them, so I definitely don’t want her to develop an underbite!

If you would like to pray for Rayah, please pray that her teeth with go back into their proper position, that they will become strengthened and no longer be loose, that there will be no infection, and that she will not develop any bad bite habits. Also pray for us for wisdom if we have to make a decision whether to keep them in or take them out. My struggle with it all is obviously how it will affect her eating if she doesn’t have those bottom three teeth and also just silly ol’ vanity and wanting her to have a full toothy grin. :)


  1. Kristi says:

    Full healing to Rayah in the name of Jesus!

  2. Lennon had a collision with our front door about a month ago. He knocked one top front tooth back and the other one was chipped. The pushed back one has started to turn dark but so far they do not have to be removed. I totally understand not wanting to have them removed!

    • Ouch! I’m hearing a lot of stories lately about kids who knocked their teeth – I guess it’s more common than I realized. :)